Do You Rock, Max Bemis? Edit

Sa blender

Does the Say Anything frontman and bipolar-disorder sufferer indeed … rock?

Blender January 07 2008

Ever trashed a hotel room?
Yeah, but we cleaned up afterward. We’re really nice people.

Biggest celebrity whose home you’ve gotten drunk in?
Henry Winkler. I’m friends with his son.

Any brushes with the law?
I was pulled over when I was stoned, but they let me go, ’cause I was really honest.

Worst rock & roll injury?
I swing the mic around a lot. One time I caught it hard and had a pain in my hand.

Ever been declared legally dead?
That would be awesome, but no.

Ever harbor a fugitive of the law?
My friend never showed up for a court date, so technically he’s a fugitive. I’m with him all the time.

Ever get lucky on an airplane?
No, but when I was 13 some girl touched my penis for about 10 minutes on a plane, and then I fell asleep.

Ever had a gambling fixation?
Big time. I play rock paper scissors. I like to psych people out, but I always do rock.

Stupidest thing you’ve ever eaten?
Last week someone was like, “Don’t eat the fish,” and I ate the fish.

Have you ever killed an animal?
One time I accidentally drowned an ant.

I collect comic books.

It’s dinnertime, what are you cooking?
An egg-white omelet. I’m on a diet.

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