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Album: Junior Varsity

Year 2000

Track number 2


In my dreams we fly away from all the palm trees of this place and the smell of its decay

I can taste the clouds and my wings can carry me to your window

Where you will hold me in your arms and kiss me softly as you stroke my cheek

And say oh my angel, you hold my heart, I've been dreaming of you like you have me

Can you touch my skin and lay your kisses on my cheeks

And to Manhattan sweep me away?

No more, no less

In pools of water after all the rain has left I see your gaze

No more, no less

I'm longing for a Neverland where I can make you oh so happy

In my dreams we fly away from all the pain and school bell rings

To a city that never sleeps and I can see you smile all day

And I can show you just how beautiful complications can be

From the roof top I can lean in close and whisper in your ear:

Can you see, its not the same, the stars are spelling out your name

And the moon can only frown because it will never be as beautiful as you

I'm dreaming of Manhattan

Dreaming of where we are so in love

I can make you oh so happy