Original Release Edit

Junior Varsity was the first album released by Say Anything, as well as being self-produced. It was a 4 song EP with a small distribution of only 200-300 printed CD's; the low amount leading to the EP selling at high prices of between $200 - $400 (£100-£200) on eBay.

Re-release Edit

After Junior Varsity was first released, a second pressing, titled In Your Dreams, was released, including the original four track pressing as well as an additional track entitled, "Sappy," the first song Max Bemis wrote.

Track listing Edit

"The Last Great Punk Rock Song" - 3:52
"Dreaming of Manhattan" - 4:40
"She Got Away" - 3:32
"High School Low" - 4:28
"Sappy" †
† Included only on In Your Dreams

Total length: 16:32

Credits Edit

Max Bemis: vocals, guitars
Coby Linder: drums
Mike Levin: bass
Evan Span: guitars