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Album: Baseball: An Album by Sayanything

Year 2001

Track number 2


Meet me where the city turns to trees and nothing comes for free

Lets see just how imposing you can be to me

So far from road-marks or homecoming games

Go on and drop your fucking names

Try to shift the blame

Watch me take a crowbar

To your brand new car

Without the things your daddy bought you

You won't get very far

Without your plastic friends

And your odds and ends

Would you still be a star?

The idle rich cocooned away from earth

You're cynical from birth

Tell me what you think your pride is worth to me

When all that you can do is call me gay

I'm sorry I don't swing that way

And even if I did I'd still say

Do you think I'm scared to play your games?

Battle is my middle name

I hope that you're insured