Album: Baseball: An Album by Sayanything

Year: 2001

Track number: 6


Yeah, I saw her first on an ocean liner

Licking rust from the outside of the rails

And I knew then

She looked at me with a killers grin

I said "Hey, baby- won't you please lick me instead?"

It didn't make sense

But I said

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Just you and me and the deep blue sea

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Just you and me, baby

I found my way to her cabin room, she yanked me in and shut the door behind

It's loving time

Slid her tongue so forked and wet up the bone white staircase of my shaking spine

The perfect crime

Oh my god she's killing me

Oh my god I try to run

I try to run but I've got my pants around my ankles,

She drags me down and chews me up for lunch

And the waves the only witness said

She knew

She got me then